Amazing Benefits of Skin-to-Skin

Updated December 28th, 2023

Skin-to-skin is holding your naked or diapered baby against your bare skin.

Right from birth, holding your baby skin-to-skin:

  • baby adjust after birth
  • calm baby and reduces stress
  • support bonding
  • keep baby warm
  • support healthy brain, heart and lung function
  • calm baby during stressful or painful procedures

Anyone in the family can enjoy skin-to-skin with the new baby. Feeding time is the perfect time for skin-to-skin as you are already holding baby.

Right after birth

You can lay your baby on your bare abdomen or chest. Your health care provider will help you place baby on your body and give you warm blankets so you can snuggle with your newborn.  This uninterrupted time allows you to breastfeed, and bond with your baby.

Placing your baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible helps:

  • keep your baby warm
  • your baby breathe normally
  • steady your baby’s heart beat
  • your baby feel safe and secure
  • you and your baby bond and get to know each other
  • calm your baby. The sound of your heartbeat is familiar and soothing
  • reduce crying
  • encourage early breastfeeding
  • reduce baby’s pain during routine blood work
Hot parent tip: You can’t spoil a baby! Hug and snuggle your baby everyday and often! Skin-to-skin contact causes a release of your hormone oxytocin also known as the ” love hormone.”
skin to skin with newborn

A support person can do skin-to-skin, if the birth parent is unable to.

Once you are home

You can continue skin-to-skin contact with your baby everyday to help:

  • bond with your baby
  • you learn your baby’s feeding cues
  • calm your baby and reduce crying
  • lower stress in you and your baby
  • your baby grow and develop well

dad holding baby skin to skin